Card service

Each card you offer to your customers, members or employees is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them. Do not know how your card should look? ID Shop helps you create cards that differ from others with unique properties and the highest quality standards.

ID Shop creates a perfect card, just for you


ID cards

To identify guest employees, they can serve as media for access control and working hours.

Loyalty cards

Customer loyalty is an important driver of growth in the business. Loyalty cards can be one of the ways to increase your profits for you. Do you want to take advantage of this potential?

Gift cards

Offer the option of purchasing personalised gift cards and prepaid cards.


An excellent solution for all companies and agencies that independently organize events, seminars, conferences, festivals,...

XXL cards

Print the program of the event on the accreditation and present your sponsors on it? The is enough room on XXL cards. Ensure effective promotion and greater visibility of your organization.

School cards

To identify pupils and students.

Membership cards

How to ensure the identification of your members and at the same time strengthen the affection that they feel towards your club or association? The answer is simple - a unique membership card.

Business cards

Want your business card to stand out from the others at first glance (and the touch!)? Take advantage of the plastic business card to complement your professional brand. We offer high quality and affordable color print on PVC cards.

Baggage tags

Even if they bend, trample, sweep around, your personal identification will remain undamaged. Luggage tags are made of durable plastic and can be fitted with your logo and design.

Gift certificates

Paper coupons can be easily dumped in trash. A gift card with a € 10 a little bit harder, right? We will happily print the cards that will support your marketing and sales activities.

Hotel cards

Printed PVC cards using different technologies; with a magnetic path, contactless or non-contact cards that can be used to unlock hotel rooms and operate on different types electronic hooks. You can also use them for other purposes as part of hotel services (wellness, parking, etc.).

Casino cards

Cards that can be used for credit and bonuses. You can follow wins, limit access to gaming machines, record the frequency of visits, and in this way gain useful information about the behavior and habits. We offer a wide range of cards of various technologies and processes.

We offer a wide range of card personalisation services

Print and personalisation

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We offer various printing techniques, including offset printing, retransfer and thermal transfer printing.

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We offer a wide range of card personalisation services, including inkjet printing, thermal printing, laser printing, embossing and encoding.

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Protection and special effects

ID Shop provides customers with many ways of card protection and special effects, such as: lamination (gloss, matte), hologram protection, UV printing, signature, UV lacquer, fluorescent paint, scratch off film.

We have the ability to meet your specific requirements without compromising on quality and delivery times

Additional services

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Want to make a great first impression with your cards and packaging, but you do not have your own graphic designer? You're in the right place. We offer professional design of cards and packaging according to your wishes.

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Attract your customers with different types of promotional packaging to improve your brand image (flyer, card, letter, envelope, box).

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Data management

We offer data management services to our customers. Personalised data is encoded on magnetic strips, smart cards and contactless cards. When the logging process is completed, the customer receives a status report.

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Packaging and delivery

We offer professional packaging and delivery. All you have to do is order the right product for you, and we will take care of everything else. Products are packed with great care.

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Product samples

Imagine making a big order and then finding out that it is not what you imagined ... Oops! We do not want this to happen, so we will be happy to send you a free sample, so you will be 100% sure of your choice.

Personalised design for every situation!

Your custom-made card holder

In case of special needs or requirements, we offer custom made and high-quality card holders just for you.

Choose your shape

Recognizable quality and reliability of products and services.

Choose your colour

Recognizable quality and reliability of products and services.

Choose your logo

Recognizable quality and reliability of products and services.

5 easy steps

From idea to production

Engraved or printed logo, because you should be noticed.

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4 main features

Choosing our product

Engraved od printed logo on the cardholders. Because it should be seen.

Card Holder

Choose from the colors on stock or choose your own color

Flexibility and durability because of high quality polycarbonate (PC) material

Logo engraved on the card holders

High translucency because of high standardized production

The process of manufacturing hard cases for plastic cards


Our production can satisfy all your needs in producing high-quality card cases and other plastic products.


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