Primacy Lamination

The ideal system for personalising and laminating your cards
  • Printing: Single-sided, Double-sided
  • Encoding: Magnetic stripes, Smart contact, Contactless
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
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Product details Product details

An all-in-one system for long-life cards

Evolis Primacy Lamination card printer is an all-in-one, affordable system for:

  • Encoding,
  • Colour sublimation printing and monochrome thermal transfer,
  • And laminating your cards, with or without holograms.


Your ID cards will have maximum durability and a high level of security.  Laminating your cards will prevent incidents of fraud.


This system is ideal for producing secure cards such as:

  • Secure employee bages,
  • Driver’s licenses,
  • Resident cards,
  • Military or police ID badges,
  • Airport access control badges,
  • Social security cards.

Advantages Advantages


The cards are laminated by heat-sealing a film (varnish or patch of varying thickness) over the entire surface of the card once it has been encoded and printed.

This adds durability to your cards and increases their life cycle to up to approximately 10 years.


For added security, our team can develop entirely personalised laminates.

Evolis Primacy Lamination card printer can be used with various combinable coding modules: Magnetic stripe, Smartcard, Contactless card


When you install your system, you connect the lamination module to the printer in one easy step by infrared communication. Your system is up and running within minutes. If you already have a Primacy printer, you can upgrade your system by buying the lamination module separately.

The different ribbons and laminates are installed intuitively and are automatically recognised by the system.

Consumables Consumables


Various printing and lamination technologies are employed to personalise and protect plastic cards.  ID Shop supplies a wide range of monochrome ribbons, colour ribbons and security ribbons.  Find more information here.

Cleaning kits

Plastic card printing requires a routine printer cleaning as cards can have high static charges and can attract dust and dirt.  To help you maintain your printer’s performance and lifespan, ID Shop supplies cleaning kits to perform extensive cleaning of the equipment.  The cleaning kits are composed of different cleaning tools, each designed for a specific part of the printer.  Find more information here.

Software Software


cardPresso is designed to make card production easy.  Graphic design and personalisation tools are built in.  Magnetic, contact and contactless chip encoding are available.

Its user-friendly interface allows anyone to use the software without much training.


cardPresso offers 6 editions in 18 languages.  cardPresso works with large databases including MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle:  Native support for XLS, XLSX, CSV and TXT are also included.

Continuous development guarantees an application with the most up-to-date card technologies.  Minor version updates are available at no charge.  Upgrades to advanced editions are available online at any time.


Numerous online tutorials, videos and FAQs are available.  cardPresso also provides free and responsive technical support.  All the cardPresso editions have been tested with Zenius, Primacy and Quantum card printers and encoders, thus ensuring a perfect compatibility between your hardware and software equipment.

Available in 6 editions, cardPresso is the ideal product for any card issuance project, whatever your organisation.


Zenius Tiskalnik plastičnih kartic
link to idshop identity

Zenius Tiskalnik plastičnih kartic

Tisk: enostranski Kodiranje: magnetni trak, kontaktni čip, brezkontaktni čip Ločljivost: 300 dpi

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Tiskalnik kartic Core
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Tiskalnik kartic Core

> Tisk: enostranski, dvostranski Kodiranje: magnetni trak, kontaktni čip, brezkontaktni čip Ločljivost: 300 dpi

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Agilia kartični tiskalnik
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Agilia kartični tiskalnik

Tisk: Enostranski, dvostranski Kodiranje: magnetni trak, kontaktni čip, brezkontaktni čip Ločljivost: 600 dpi

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XID8300 Tiskalnik za plastične kartice
link to idshop identity

XID8300 Tiskalnik za plastične kartice

Tiskanje: enostransko, dvostransko Kodiranje: magnetni trak, kontaktni čip, brezkontaktni čip Ločljivost: 300 dpi

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