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Profile cylinders

In order to protect your home and office, it is essential to choose a high-quality lock and security cylinder. ID Shop offers a wide range of safety cylinders from the basic affordable level to the premium level of protection, depending on your needs.


Protect your door with our extremely durable and reliable locks.

Furniture locks

Make sure to protect your furniture with high-quality locks that are suitable for both home and office furniture. Nowadays adequately protect it, it is necessary to find several types of locks. It is good that you have found ID Shop, which has a wide range of solutions and rich knowledge. We advise you which models would be most effective for your case.

Recessed locks

Our locks are designed to meet the needs of commercial, institutional, industrial and government facilities. Due to the power and versatility, these locks are ideal for use in:

  • offices
  • schools
  • hospitals
  • hotels
  • other facilities that require lasting and reliable protection

Locks for metal and plastic doors

Reliable locks specially designed for metal and plastic doors. Metal and plasticdoors require cylinders with special dimensions. You are in the right place because ID Shop offers a wide range of locks that provide a high level of security and are specially designed for these types of doors.

Security locks

Locks, specially designed for security doors or anti-theft doors. In order to maintain your safety / anti-burglary doors safe and useful, it is important to select a high quality lock and safety cylinder. Security cylinders for anti-theft doors have specific dimensions and are ordered according to the specific needs of customers.

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